Saturday, 11 May 2013

Springtime in London

Back so soon?

Me too! How did that happen? Well, I felt I had to share this little bit of Springtime in London.

After months of dreary rain it's so nice to have bits of colour sprouting here and there isn't it?

Now I am no gardener so possibly this is not in fact a rare and exotic bloom, and that passers by were actually wondering why I was taking photos of a weed. But I loved how it looked like a dog that has got it's head stuck in a railing (though of course that would be bad and I do not recommend people squish their dogs heads through railings to see what it looks like.. perhaps watch Disney's 'Bolt' instead.. however do not google 'Bolt dog head in railings' though, as I have just done to check if this was the right film.. because I fear I may now be on some FBI data base for nutjobs.)
Where was I? Yes, I loved how it had pushed its way out from between the bars to cheer up passers by.

This is why I always carry a point shoot with me, to capture little bits of loveliness and because just a few steps away was this gorgeous sight of fluffy pink goodness.

I'm actually standing underneath the tree.. virtually in it and it was like being under a soft pink duvet.
And more importantly I didn't even die taking this photo.

I mention this because a very kind builder on his break moved a traffic cone and a 'Danger of Death' sign that were resting up against it so I could take this photo. Not really sure what they were for.. maybe people were expiring due to its loveliness.

Builders can be smashing :D

Now, I don't mean to sound vain.. but.. I can rarely walk past a builder without getting a comment.
Yes indeed, and though many girls get whistles, I'm guessing few,  like me, get offers of scaffolding to hold up their saggy bottoms.. or cement to fill in the cracks of their face between the worry lines :P

I'm sure they mean well!

Friday, 10 May 2013


With so many exciting new things happening in the land of Elbie it seemed a perfect time to start a new blog.

This will be a slightly more random blog than my work related one, mainly about things I have seen or done, things that have made me smile or maybe even things that filled me with rage and made my face pucker up like a baboon's bottom.

Basically it is a blog filled with general chit chattery.

Let's start with a little bit about me. I am a thirty something Jeweller, Milliner and Blythe obssessive.

If you were wondering, a Blythe is a type of doll and can be a bit of a marmite affair.. If you've never seen one now might be the time to google it...

If you know what a Blythe is and love it.. well we may have met before on Flickr and are probably friends.. but if now you've seen what they look like and think they are creepy.. well this may not be the blog for you.
Because though this is not a blog about dolls, I do have a whole lot of them and am pretty sure they will make a lot of appearances. And if you are the sort of person who doesn't like them and finds them creepy.. well to be honest I don't really care.. I'm sure they think you are pretty creepy too.. what with your tiny head and non colour changing eyes.. and besides I don't need to hear negativity about something I love and if you want to bring some.. well be warned.. my Blythes are all well trained in Jiu Jitsu.. now shoo.. move along.. there's nothing for you to see here.

Oh, you're still here. That's just peachy :D

So on to my news. 

The first major change that is happening in my life is I am just in the process of moving.

Up until now I have always lived in and around London. I grew up in the suburbs of North West London and then spent nearly 10 years of my adult life in North London. I've always considered myself a bit of a Norf Lundun girl.. but now... da da daaa.. I am moving to Buckinghamshire, to nestle between the Chiltern Hills and the Aylesbury vale.

Just me, my cat Piggy, my laptop and cameras to record what's going on. Most photos will be taken with a Lumix point and shoot that is teeny tiny and fits easily in a pocket.. fancy pansy pics will be taken with a Sony Nex. Bear in mind though that I am by no means a photographer and fully expect to take at least half of my pictures
with the lens cap on or with the accidental addition of a camera strap or giant thumb obscuring the best bits.

The whole house hunting was a bit of a trauma. I never planned to move so far out but the first houses I viewed were.. hmm.. how shall I put it .. interesting.
There was one that was held up with mould and paint, the one that was on the motorway, the one that was on such a steep hill it was virtually a cliff.. need I go on?

But *hurrah* I did finally find a house that didn't make my skin crawl so quickly snapped it up.

You, my lucky readers will be able to follow my journey into the country and everything that entails as well as any other exiting, tedious or just plain weird, things I get up to :D

See you soon,